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Here at Aldershot Youth Swimming Club we believe that swimming is a life skill which all children should have the opportunity to learn. We are passionate about ensuring that children can learn to be safe in an around the water and so that they can get themselves out of difficulty in the future. We've been swimming at Aldershot Pools since 1977 on Wednesday evenings teaching children within our local community the life skill of swimming. Over the years we estimate thousands of children have learnt to swim with us.

Our club is a member of Rushmoor Swimming Association and we are allocated water time every Wednesday at Aldershot Pools to run swimming lessons. We run swimming lessons based on the school terms throughout the year with each term consisting of around 12 weeks of lessons. We currently charge £30 per swimmer each term. Our staff are all volunteers and are either STA or Swim England qualfied to either level 1 or 2. 

We follow the STA learn to swim scheme which is an international award scheme designed to saves lives through the teaching of swimming. Swimmers will be taught all the fundamental movement skills and all 6 aquatic strokes and various skills including water safety and lifesaving will be taught. By the time swimmers reach STA Shark 3 they will be able to swim at least 75 metres across all 6 strokes following the relevant stroke laws for each stroke. Swimmers will then have the opportunity to undertake Water Safety Skills Bronze, Silver & Gold which introduces basic lifesaving and survival.

As a volunteer organisation we are passionate in mentoring our young people to become assistants and teachers. We often have past swimmers who have achieved Water Safety Skills Gold coming back as water helpers at aged 13. We are passionate in mentoring them as they become assistants and then eventually train as swimming teachers when they reach the age of 16.

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