Club Constitution

Constitution written in 2007 and amended in November 2013.
Then further amended in October 2016

1. The name of the organisation shall be “Aldershot Youth Swimming Club” and the club colours shall be blue and white. 

2. The club will swim on Wednesday evenings between the hours of 6pm until 8pm at Aldershot Indoor Swimming Pool. 

3. The objects of the organisation shall be to teach to children to swim in a safe and fun environment and to teach to an approved award scheme. 

4. The organisation is affiliated to and regulated by the Rushmoor Swimming Association. 

5. Expenses approved by the committee may be claimed by staff working for Aldershot Youth Swimming Club. 

6. There shall be an annual general meeting of Aldershot Youth Swimming Club for the election of officers and the approval of the examined accounts. This meeting shall be held during the last course of the year on a date fixed by the committee. 

7. The committee will elect the following officers who will have authority to carry out normal administration and operational running of Aldershot Youth Swimming Club. Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Badge Secretary, Membership Secretary, Swim Leader & Welfare Officer. 

8. Only members of the current committee have a right to vote at the Annual Meeting of the club.

9. All committee members shall be at least 18 years of age. 

10.Aldershot Youth Swimming Club shall be managed by the staff who hold a role on the committee. 

11.The Committee has the right to make such enquires, to ensure persons working with the organisation are of good character. These enquires shall be made with a DBS enclosure. 

12.A special general meeting may be called at 14 days’ notice by the committee. Such meetings shall only deal with matters of which notice has been given. 

13.The financial year shall start on 1st April 

14.In the event of the organisation ceasing, the committee will meet to arrange suitable distribution of the organisation’s assets. 

15.The club shall adopt the STA Child Protection Procedures. All staff involved within the club shall follow these guidelines. 

16.Records will be kept for attendance as well as accidents and incidents which occur on the poolside or in the water. 

17. Swimmers undergoing training with Aldershot Youth Swimming Club shall pay a fee fixed by the committee in advance of the course, this fee shall be sufficient to cover expenses of the club. The organisation will be non-profit making and no fees shall be paid to people working on behalf of the club. 

18.The minimum age a child can join the swimming club from the waiting list is from 5 years old. Swimmers may continue to remain members of our swimming club up to the age of 16 years old. 

19.Any Parent of Swimmer found at any time throughout the time of the class, either in or out of the pool acting in such a manner as to impair their personal safety or that or any class, shall be withdrawn from their class at the committee’s discretion for up to two weeks, while an investigation takes place. 

20.Any parent or swimmer found at any time to be breaking the rules of the club or acting in such a manner which causes distress or disturbance to other swimmers or parents, shall be withdrawn from the club at the committee’s discretion for up two weeks while an investigation takes place. 

21.No swimmer or parent will have any rights to remain with the organisation, if the committee of the club decide that they should cease lessons they may at their discretion offer a refund for outstanding lessons. 

22.Swimming Teachers working for Aldershot Youth Swimming Club are only responsible for the swimmers whom they are teaching during their lessons. The club duty of care comes to an end when the lesson finishes and parents take over the supervision from this point onwards and in the changing rooms. 

23.Parents are required to remain on site at Aldershot Pools for the duration of the swimmers lesson. 

24.Possible changes to this Constitution will be put forward by members of the committee and if agreed by the chairman and vice chairman, will then be amended and signed as correct. *The term “parent” applies to the parent of the swimmer or a responsible adult acting with parental responsibility.

The term “member” applies to the swimmer and the parent.