Club Rules

1. Parents are responsible for the welfare and behaviour of their children before and after lessons on the poolside and in the changing rooms plus an adult with parental responsibility must be on poolside during lessons in case of emergencies.

2. Parents and spectators are to keep to the seated areas on the poolside. Do not interrupt teachers or instructors when they have a lesson in progress, normally there is staff available on the poolside to sort out problems or answer questions.

3. Parents and spectators should use the overshoes provided by the centre whilst on the pool side.

4. If you need to assist your child with changing do so in the changing rooms, not on the poolside. You must follow the rules of the leisure centre regarding changing.

5. Do not obstruct any fire exits.

6. Teachers are not instructed to remind pupils of assessment dates. Tests can only be taken at the correct dates and times.

7. You will need to check our website, or the club noticeboard for your child’s test date and time. If your child is unable to attend you must inform us and priorty for a rearranged test will be first come first served. We cannot guarantee a new test date and time can be arranged.

8. No lessons take part on test nights.

9. Parents must follow the guidelines laid out in the test night rules and swimmers must remember to bring the correct additional clothing, otherwise they will not be tested.

10. Swimmers and Parents at 6pm are to queue down the corridor keeping to one side prior to 6pm. Octopus 1 Swimmers and Parents may continue to come on to poolside but are to stand back near the first aid room steps. Swimming Teachers will complete their poolside registers at the start of their lesson.

11. Parents are to enrol for the following term after their child’s swimming test at the end of each term. By signing the enrolment form, all parents agree to follow the club constitution and the rules of the club.

12. Our course fee covers the cost of all lessons and your child’s test at the end of term plus if successful the certificate and badge. From time to time we run distance swims. These are free to attend but if you wish to purchase distance certificates then there will be a small charge for these after their swim.