Distance Swimming

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At the end of term we hold a distance swimming evening which gives all swimmers the opportunity to achieve a distance certificate and badge. There are some rules for distance swimming which are displayed below:

1. Listen to lane recorder when they are giving instructions.

2. Keep to the sides of the pool section and only use middle of pool section for over taking.

3. Stopping early and walking to the end to shout number can result in disqualification.

4. Any contact with pool floor during the distance swim can also lead to disqualification.

5. Pupils must swim a recognised stroke on all distances over 200 metres.

6. Lane recorders and poolside swim leaders have the right to end the distance swim of a participant if a parent interrupts them during the swim.

7. The distance calculated during the swim will be the distance awarded.

8. Swimmers completing distances under 10m may use any method of moving through the water. Over 10m, swimmers must swim recognised strokes in accordance to the award they are currently working towards.

9. Certificates & badges awarded on a distance swim evening will cost £2.
4 Lengths
8 Lengths
16 Lengths
24 Lengths
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40 Lengths
60 Lengths
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80 Lengths
60 Lengths
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