STA Angelfish 3


1. Be rescued by catching a rope.

2. Perform a straddle entry and tread water for 30 seconds while wearing a T-Shirt.
Remove the T-Shirt and climb out unassisted. If the water is too shallow, substitute step entry and support scull.

3. Perform a head-first and feet-first surface dive. If in shallow water, perform an underwater push and glide to pool floor.

4. Scull feet first for 10 metres and head first for 10 metres.

5. Swim 25 metres of back crawl using a correct finish.

6. Swim 25 metres of a recognised front stroke, incorporating a correct finish. (Learners first choice)

7. Swim 20 metres of recognised front stroke, incorporating a correct finish. (Learners second choice)

8. Swim 5 metres of butterfly.

9. Push and glide into a handstand – must be performed in chest-deep water.

10. Perform a sitting dive, depending on the depth of water. If in shallow water
perform underwater push and glide, roll onto back while underwater and surface in a back glide.