STA Shark 2


1. Perform a reaching rescue to a casualty up to 2 metres from the side.

2. Throw a buoyant aid 3 metres to a target point in the pool.

3. Enter the water with a step-in entry, swim 10 metres of a recognised stroke in a T-shirt and shorts, tread water for 1 minute, swim 5 metres of a recognised stroke, surface dive, swim 3 metres underwater, surface, climb out of the pool unassisted.

4. Swim 75 metres during which the learners perform 3 recognised strokes with a smooth transition and the correct turns.

5. Scull head first for 20 metres.

6. Swim 10 metres of butterfly.

7. Wearing a T-shirt and shorts, swim 20 metres of side stroke.

8. Perform a plunge dive, swim width of pool or 7 metres, depth of water permitting.
If in shallow water, submerge and push and glide on your side, roll onto the back and
return to the surface with dolphin leg kick.

9. Swim 4 x 1 width of individual medley, incorporating the appropriate transition procedure at the end of each stroke.

10. Perform a backwards somersault.