STA Goldfish 1

Learners should be competent in shallow water and may move to chest deep depth. The swimming teacher should be on poolside, learners may use buoyancy aids only where stated.


1. Answer 2 water safety questions

2. Enter the water, tread water for 5 seconds, swim to poolside.

3. Push and glide, and hold the streamlined position for 5 seconds.

4. Push and glide to the bottom of the pool to retrieve an object.

5. Swim 5 metres on front, roll over and swim 5 metres on back.

6. Perform dolphin leg kick on the front or back for 5 metres.

7. Scull head first for 2 metres.

8. Scull feet first, using a woggle for support.

9. Show rhythmical breathing in front crawl for 10 metres, using a woggle.

10. Swim a recognisable breaststroke for 5 metres.