STA Octopus 1

This test should be taken in shallow water, candidates may use buoyancy aids. 

Learners must pass all sections to be awarded the badge.


1. Answer two water safety questions

2. Enter the pool safely using the steps, ramp or a sit and swivel on the side.

3. Move through the water confidently in different ways.

4. Use a woggle to swim front paddle and back paddle for 5 metres.

5. Push and glide on the front and back.

6. Use a woggle or floats to attempt a simultaneous circle action with the legs, while on the back for 2 metres.

7. Travel under a woggle bridge and through a shower created by a watering can.

8. Return to standing from a star float on the back.

9. Use a woggle or floats to perform a treading water action with legs.

10. Exit the pool safely and unassisted.