STA Octopus 3

This test should be taken in shallow water, candidates may use buoyancy aids only where stated. Learners must pass all sections to be awarded the badge.


1. Answer 2 water safety questions

2. Perform a star float on the front or back and hold for 3 seconds.

3. Perform dolphin leg kick on the front or back for 2 metres.

4. Scull head first using a woggle.

5. Attempt breaststroke.

6. Swim forwards for 2 metres, then roll and swim on the back for 2 metres and then into astanding position (regaining feet).

These will be performed in the main pool (shallow end)

1. Enter the water with a step or jump entry, turn around and swim back to poolside.

2. Push and glide into either front crawl or breaststroke for 5 metres.

3. Push and glide into back crawl and swim for 5 metres.

4. Tread water for 10 seconds.